Pastor Japheth Kimathi of Holy Spirit Touch the World Revival Spring of Jesus Covenant Ministries in Kenya wrote us, “I received with much gratitude the materials you send me this year and it is with much sincerity and   honour to say I am very grateful. God bless you for the work you are doing. In fact, from the people you are reaching in the whole world with the Gospel, may God lift you high! Many people of this area are enjoying them so please continue sending.”


Pastor Tete N.T. Obaa with Evangelistic Ministries in Nigeria writes us, “Thanks to you all for the box of Christian literatures being sent to me. It is my prayer that God should continue to increase more abundantly the work and assistance that Hands for Christ has rendered unto the nations worldwide. My ministries have prayed and fasted for seven weeks for HFC, for God’s protection, guidance and His abundant blessing on everyone of you.”


 Aloma Deerr-Keane from Beacon Ministries in Jamaica writes, “I would like to express my gratitude to you for your kind deed. I really appreciate it. The materials we received are very helpful in our ministry. We were able to use the materials in our outreach and evangelistic programs. Continue the work you are doing to help build the Kingdom of God. May God bless you always.”


Appreciation from here in the United States!

“I have been so privileged to contribute Christian materials to HFC for the last 17 years. I am so thankful to be a part of this soul-saving work. I hope to continue for a few more years. My goal is to send 4,000 pounds and I have sent 3,000 pounds to date,” writes Richard Graham from Milwaukee.


Rev. John B. Shaffer from First Church of the Brethren writes us, “Coming in separate boxes are Christian teaching tapes which we hope you can use in your ministry. Included in the boxes are copies of devotionals also for your ministry to the world. We are grateful for the work you do and we’re so glad you can use these  materials-some of which have been used and listened to-and some that were extra devotionals for our congregation. Your ministry is a blessing to so many and we are grateful we can help in this small way. May God continue to bless you and the ministry of Hands for Christ.”

Another person writes, “Dear Friends...Enclosed is a  small money gift to help with postage. The materials are a love gift from my friends. We pray they will be a blessing to all who receive them. God bless you for your continued time and means spent to spread the Good News of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.”






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